Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

You have the right, within fourteen days without reason to cancel this contract. The cancellation period of fourteen days starts from the day that you or from you assigned third person, has received the good.

In order to activate the cancellation, it is required that you send us (ECO Brotbox – Yasemin Schulz, Åsenveien 35, 1400 Ski, Telephone: 45515171;  E-Mail-Address: through a clear written declaration (f.e. a letter sent by post, Telefax oder E-Mail) of your decision to cancel this contract. You can use the sample-cancellation form, however this is not obligatory (Sample-cancellation Form). You can also fill out the Sample-cancellation Form on our Website or use any other clear notification that you fill out and send through our website in electronic format ( If you take advantage of this policy, we will immediately inform you about the receipt of your cancellation through email.

For the cancellation policy to be valid, it is enough to send in the notification before the end of the cancellation period.

Consequences of Cancellation

With cancellation of this contract, we commit to pay back all expenses including the shipping costs (with exception of additional costs in case you have opted a different delivery other than the from us offered standard delivery), immediately within fourteen days from the day of receipt of your cancellation notification. We will refund your payment through the same payment method you have purchased the returned goods, if not a different way has been clearly requested by you and agreed upon. In no case you will be charged any fees for the payment of your refund.

We can refuse payment until we have received the returned goods or until we have received the proof that you have sent back the goods, depending on which comes first.
You oblige to send back the goods immediately and without any delay, however latest within fourteen days starting from the day you notify us about the cancellation. The period is valid if you send the goods before the end of the fourteen days.

You oblige to carry the shipment of the costs of the goods.
In case of loss of value of goods, you are obliged to pay for the occurred costs only if the loss can be attributed to the handling of the goods not in connection to quality, characteristics or functioning of the goods.

Invalidity of Cancellation

The cancellation policy is not valid in cases of contracts with following conditions

  • delivery of goods, which have been customised to the consumers individual needs or preference,
  • delivery of goods, which have a short expiry date or have gone out of date already,
  • delivery of goods that are sealed due to hygiene or personal health reasons and therefore cannot be returned based on protection of health, if their seal has been removed,
  • delivery of goods that have been mixed with other products and cannot be separated anymore due to the characteristics of the make of the product,
  • delivery of alcoholic beverages that can be delivered after 30 days and its pricing is exposed to market changes on which the company has no direct influence,
  • delivery of voice and video recordings or computer software in a sealed packaging if the packaging has been damaged,
  • delivery of newspapers, magazines with the exception of abonnement-agreements.