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I was always passionate about food. When I was going to school I was making dinners with my little sister for my mom and dad coming home from work. Then when I was studying I was trying out a new recipe of cakes and cookies everyday. I found that relaxing. Well my family loved that certainly. With time my passion developed to preparing healthy and delicious food. One thing I am really happy about is that my husband likes my food. You know I am Turkish and Turkish people take it personally when you don`t eat their food. But luckily this is not one of our problems. I am Turkish and my husband is Norwegian and we have a common ground and that is that we are both somewhat german. I was born and grew up in Germany, so that makes me technically a german. And my husband´s grandfather was german, so that makes him a quarter german, hence our last name Schulz.

I came to Norway in 2010 and my daughter was born in 2011. By then I was already buying as much organically grown food as possible, the selection in Norway was not that big but now you can find almost everything. When she started Kindergarten my search for healthy and practical foodboxes and drinking bottles that do not contain plastic or aluminium had began, but it was a hopeless search. At that time, I compromised on BPA free plastic containers. I bought for all three kids (plus my two step children) in different colours. Unfortunately you could not wash them in the dishwasher and the lid broke of few months later. It was a lot of work, expensive and the plastic gave me a bad conscience. In 2013 my brother living in Germany told me that he will start a new business with steel boxes, I thought that was a great idea. I was one of his first customers. I still have my first Ecobrotboxes that I use. The more we got aware of the dangers of using containers or bottles that contain toxic materials that can go into our food, the more we took the step of switching to these steel containers and bottles. That´s when we thought “we surely aren´t the only ones in Norway looking for a more healthy alternative to keep our food in, so why not making it available for everyone”. So here we are, a small family business with three kids and a dog, selling boxes and bottles that are healthy and good-looking at the same time.


Yasemin Schulz

ECO Brotbox Norway