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0,5 L Isolated container with screw top made of stainless steel.

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BO is the perfect container for work, college or school- she keeps warm things warm and cold things cold, it does not matter if it is soup, porridge or joghurt. The insulated container with a screw top is fully made of stainless steel, has a thermos effect up to eight hours and is 100% leak proof.

– Round insulated stainless steel container with a screw top, isolation through silicone ring
– 100% Stainless steel Types 18/8 (Learn more..)
– Free of pollutants
– Tested food safe- no compromise on smell or taste
– Dishwasher safe
– 100% leak proof
– Keeps warm up to six hours
– Stainless steel containers are not microwave safe or suitable for freezer!


Dimensions: 9cm x 13,5cm
Contains: 500ml
Weight: 326g
Material: Stainless steel, Silicone


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