Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Where and under what conditions are the products of ECO Brotbox being produced?
The origin of our products is of great importance to us. Our lunch boxes are manufactured by a family owned business in South India, where the working and production conditions have been personally inspected and approved by our founder Mustafa. All employees receive fair wages (which are higher than the minimum wage) defined by local authorities in India and of course, no children are employed. Whats more, the occupational safety and health management is ISO certified.

The stainless steel we use is exclusively from the state-owned steel producer in India, SAIL (Steel Authority of India). We follow the strict production guidelines, that’s how we can guarantee a consistently high quality of product.

Our Zen bottles are being produced under fair conditions in China.

What materials are used for the products?
For our lunch boxes we only use high quality stainless steel AISI 204Cu, a chromium-nickel alloy with approximately 16.5% chromium and 2% nickel content. AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute is an American standard for stainless steel. Due to the low nickel content of our products they are safe for many people allergic to nickel. Of course neither lead nor cadmium or other harmful substances are included. Packaged food will have no contact with any harmful substances.

Absolute food safety has been certified in the German GALAB Laboratories. They are acid-resistant and show no smell or taste deviations. In addition, the stainless steel used is corrosion-resistant and therefore suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher. Stainless steels are defined as stainless with min. 10.5% chromium, in the steel we use are approximately 16.5% chromium.

Our bottles are made of stainless steel AISI 304 / DIN 18/8. They are are food-safe and corrosion-resistant as well.

Why are your boxes not made from the more common 18/8 stainless? Is there a difference in quality?
The quality of the stainless steel we use is also very high. As you can imagine, there is not only one criteria for the classification of stainless steel types. In Germany mostly the DIN system is used (the commonalty known 18/8 steel) whereas in the USA and other countries the AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute) system is used. We use the AISI for our stainless steel (AISI 204Cu). There are also many different types of stainless steel that are suitable for a variety of different purposes. AISI 204Cu steel is as good as 18/8 steel for use with food. The material is verified as acid-resistant, that means there are no smell or taste deviations with the use of acidic food (e.g. apples). Whats more AISI 204Cu is rustproof and corrosion resistant (chromium content of approximately 16.5%) and thus easy to clean in the dishwasher.
Do the products contain chromium VI?
No. Our stainless steel does contain Chromium however there are different types and grades. Chromium VI is dangerous and our products do not contain any trace of this. Our stainless steel does contain traces of Chromium III which is completely safe. For more information you can read more here
What is the lid and the seal of the Zen bottle made of?
A portion of the lid consists of sustainably grown bamboo. The sealing ring is made of food-grade silicone.
Are the ECO Brotboxes leakproof?
Our ECO Brotboxes are designed based on the original designs used by generations in India. We deliberately refrained from adding a seal made from plastic as it is not traditionally made this way and not eco-friendly. As a result we cannot guarantee 100% leakproof. However, when transported upright this should present no issues.
Due to high demand we have included options with a sealing ring to satisfy our customers needs. These are Tiffin Swing, Bo and Li.
How can I clean my products? Are they dishwasher safe?
Our bread, lunch boxes and bottles are dishwasher safe. The lid of the ZEN bottle should be cleaned due to the bamboo top by hand. For the bottles we do recommend using a bottle brush for a more thorough clean.
Can I put silicone ringe in the dishwasher?
Silicone rings can be washed in the dishwasher. However, we recommend manual rinsing for a long service life.
Can I transport both cold and hot foods and/or drinks?
In the boxes and bottles of ECO Brotbox both cold and hot food and drinks can be transported. However, since it is only single-walled stainless steel, the products have no insulating function and we ask you to be careful when handling hot boxes.
In the leak-proof Tiffin Swing no extremely hot food should be introduced as this creates a vacuum seal which makes it difficult to re-open the box. Please let the meal to cool down briefly.
Can ECO Brotbox boxes go in the microwave, the oven or the freezer?
Stainless steel products must not be used in the microwave oven. When used in the oven, extreme caution must be exercised as the material becomes extremely hot and there is a risk of burning.
Basically, the containers can be used for freezing. Frequent freezing, however, can lead to material fatigue. This shortens the lifetime of the boxes. It is also important not to fill the frozen food too high so that the frozen food can spread without stretching the container. The frozen food can cause very high pressure and deform the box.
Are the products of ECO Brotbox durable?
The high-quality stainless steel makes our products very sustainable and durable. Nevertheless, they can scratched or dented with when handled aggressively or abrasively.
The clips of my box are too tight or too loose. What should I do?
The locking clips of our boxes are manually adjusted during production. This means that the strength of the clips may vary from box to box. We will check the strength of the terminals prior to shipment, but should a clamp be too firm or be too loose, it can easily be adjusted by slightly bending it yourself to suit your needs.
I can’t open my Tiffin Swing. What should I do?
The silicon rings on the base two layers of the Tiffin Swing makes it leakproof. However with hot foods it can gain negative pressure and airlock making it difficult to open.

Please cool down food a bit before closing your box. For very hot food above 70 C it is recommended to remove the silicon rings to avoid airlock. Please note that without silicon rings your Tiffin box might not be totally leakproof.

If you have issues with opening your box, please follow the instruction in our Video

Some water has been accumulate in the lid of my Chi bottle after cleaning. What should I do?
Do not worry! You can remove water from your CHI lid by shaking it.
My product is faulty. What should I do?
If you receive a defective product despite our checks, please let us know immediately by email. We ask you to briefly describe the problem or send us a photo. We will then get you instantly a return form for a free return. Upon receiving and verifying the defective product, we decide on repair or replacement, and you will receive within 3-5 days a flawless product.